Advanced Photography

Here is where I will post my assignments for the class.

Final Portfolio Shots

My position statement is as follows: “

Using natural light and bold colors or sometimes black and white, Kaitlin Jae creates images of people in different adventures of their lives on carefully selected locations for editorial and advertising markets. She is committed to capturing the big and small moments in all her client’s sessions whether it be a wedding or a senior about to graduate. Kaitlin Jae produces blissful images throughout Idaho and Utah region.”

With it being Spring and this virus I didn’t have the chance to photograph weddings for this portfolio. In fact, I wasn’t able to get the models and creative shoots I had in mind done because the virus shut everything down. I did some sessions before this virus occurred that I planned on using for my portfolio so I have included some more winter ones that were taken in the beginning on the semester. On my website I have included images I have taken over the past year that reflect my position statement more. I like to shoot in the mountains, but the snow is still there so I shot on locations in town which I don’t do as often. I work with a lot more couples in the summer and more families in the fall but for the portfolio you will see seniors because it is that time of year.

Assignment #3: Blue Hour

I did these series of pictures over two nights, it seemed to be the only two night it was actually clear of clouds and you could actually see the sunsetting. It was freezing outside and I forgot gloves, so I could not feel my fingers! I did enjoy this assignment though because it is something I have never captured and I learned a lot about Blue Hour. The sky changes so quickly every shot I took was different. If you keep scrolling down you can see more images I took. I really enjoyed the slower shutter-speed to capture the moving cars and have the light streak across my image, it makes me want to capture more night life images.

Assignment #2: 5 Portraits of myself in 5 different locations.

The first picture is taken at Tautphaus Park with my favorite lens on my old camera body. This is a 24-70 mm lens that I shoot a lot of session with. It was the most expensive lens I have ever purchased, but totally worth it! This is also one of my favorite outfits I wear and I love this area. I love the pine trees and other trees shown. I also love using snow as a natural reflector to add light to faces.

The second picture is of me in a studio in Rigby. I shoot there often with clients. One of my regular clients is actually taking the picture for me. I am wearing my all time favorite sweatshirt! I love Friends so much. And, again the mismatched socks are a must. It drives people crazy but I have never worn matching socks as long as I could dress myself. Anyways, the studio is called the White Studio because it is pure white and magical! It creates dreamy and airy bright photos that my clients tend to love.

The third photo is of me with records. I love 80’s rock n’ roll music. You can’t see it but I am wearing a Def Leppard shirt from when I saw them in concert. (You can see this shirt in the extra photos I included.) I also love music in general. Yes, I am wearing mismatched socks as I always do so I knew it was important to capture that. I hate silence especially when I am home alone so I always have music playing.

The fourth picture of me is at Target in the chip aisle. Nacho Cheese Doritos and Salt N’ Vinegar chips are my favorite types of chips. I am wearing an outfit I wear often to describe my style. I love Target and I love shopping so it explains a lot about me. My facial expression is how I honestly feel about the purchase. If I am not at home you can find me shopping at Target!

The final picture is of me outside again but I am using tin foil as a reflector. It is just in my front yard, which is where I am a lot so I figured it was an appropriate location. I love pine trees for backgrounds in winter photos. I am wearing another outfit I tend to wear a lot.

I included extra photos that were taken during this assignment so you can see the tinfoil I use to light up my face and other angles and images taken.

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